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Create functional & modern interfaces that allow simple, effective control of machinery to achieve optimum results.

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A well designed interface offers you a wealth of benefits through:

Increased Efficiency

Effective design minimizes operator workload and errors while task performance is enhanced through shorter interaction loops.

Improved Safety

Good interface design provides the operator with better situational awareness and allows for earlier alarm detection & management. Ultimately improving on site safety.

User Satisfaction

Our close feedback loops with operators, stakeholders and developers allows for a iterative approach to development resulting in improved operator acceptance and satisfaction.

Graphical Prowess

Shifting HMI Design into the 21st century

HMI Designs, while functional, are traditionally lacklustre. In recent years there have been leaps forward in web and consumer interface design while operators are forced to work on these dated industrial interaces. Our experienced designers help advance your interface into the 21st century by balancing striking design with functionality to further improve the operator's efficiency, awareness and enjoyment of the system.


enjoying the HMI Edge

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